Justin is an SF Mission native, peer counselor, and professional tarot reader with over 6 years of experience. I aim to provide an ethical, client-centered space that uses the tarot for self-empowerment and spiritual wellness.

Mission Tarot Values

Client Empowerment

As a quarent (Latin for “one who Perseeks”), you’re the expert when it comes to your life and your relationship to tarot. I welcome participation and authenticity, and let the quarent lead as I try to meet their unique needs. Tarot exists for people, not vice versa.


I welcome openness and vulnerability, so it’s my responsibility to create a safe and non-judgmental container for each reading. I treat the quarent with unconditional positive regard, and am prepared to sit with traumatic experiences, mental health issues, and intense shame, fear, and anger.


The cards don’t have static meanings; by design, every arcanum is always up for interpretation. Each reading should conjure an idea that is relevant and “alive” to the quarent. I keep a flexible framework that tries to account for diversity in class, gender, race, age, culture, spirituality, and life experience.


At its best, tarot is simply a way for people to share space together. I believe that magic only emerges from interpersonal connection, and so I treat the occult with a healthy amount of irreverence. It’s important to remember that tarot originated as a deck of playing cards – it’s supposed to be fun!

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